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Aluminum-plating membrane characteristics
Dec 07, 2016

(1) greatly reduces the amount of aluminium used, saving energy and materials, reduces costs, compound aluminum foil thickness for 7--gpm, and aluminum-aluminum thin film layer thickness of about 0.05n, its aluminum consumption about aluminum foil 1/140--1/180 and production speeds of up to 450m/min.
(2) excellent fracture resistance and good toughness, little pinholes and cracks, no flexing cracking phenomenon, therefore, gases, steam, odour, light barrier, such as improved.
(3) has excellent metallic light reflectance of up to 97% and can form a color film coated, the decoration effect than aluminum foil.
(4) shielded part of the aluminum can be used to obtain any pattern or transparent window, to see the contents.
(5) the good conductivity of aluminum plating, eliminating electrostatic effect; his sealing performance, especially when packaging powder products, to avoid contaminating the sealing parts, packing sealing performance is guaranteed.
(6) printing, laminating and other finishing has good adaptability.
These characteristics make aluminum plating film a good performance, economic and aesthetic of the new film, in many ways has replaced the aluminum composite material. Mainly used for vacuum packaging of flavor food, agricultural products, and the packaging of medicines, cosmetics, cigarettes. In addition, the aluminum plating film bronzing is also used as a printing material and label materials.