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Aluminum profile extrusion process reduced the formation reason and prevention measures
Dec 07, 2016

Shrink tail is aluminum profile extrusion production process in the a unique of waste. specific is divided into hollow shrink tail and ring shrink tail. hollow shrink tail is due to extrusion gasket Shang has oil and extrusion residual material left have too less, caused metal supply serious insufficient, reasons and formed hollow funnel-like shrink tail; ring shrink tail main due to aluminum profile extrusion process fast end Shi, deformation district within metal supply insufficient, forced metal along extrusion gasket around occurred horizontal turbulent flow, put side Department and the side surface at more cold, Stained with oil pollution caused by the metal back into products. ring shrink in process at the end of the section, a continuous or discontinuous ring-shaped.
Protective measures:
1) reduce aluminium ingots for temperature and temperature difference, or by low temperature extrusion.
2) ensure the ingot surface is clean, uniform heating.
3) prohibition on extruded gaskets, oil or wipe with cloth dummy block.
4) die and extrusion of surface finish, clean container.
5) end of the extrusion process reduces speed.
6) with lubrication and reverse extrusion.
7) residue as required and shearing tail, or increasing the residual thickness