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Foil embossing features
Dec 07, 2016

Generally, foil embossing has the following characteristics:
(1) prior to the embossed foil pressure axis should be separated to avoid damaging the roller.
(2) after the drive, embossing rollers at work reach the required temperature to be pressurized.
(3) embossed in the production process, appropriate foil tension control, the bareness of the General Assembly, is too prone to wrinkles, layer, and so on.
(4) if the embossing roller glue aluminum foil or paper should quickly stop using copper brush. If both the glue aluminum foil or scraps of wire down the pattern will be stuck receiving it.
(5) equipment during the operation, when materials such as inclusion and joints should be separate pressure axis. Prevent damage to rollers.
(6) steel roller fever due to long working hours make a noise, aluminum foil stuck up or a wave at this time should stop embossing and water mill, roll cooling.
(7) the embossed 150h again after molding, molding to spray water when, shall not contain alkali or with hot water, which reduces both the life.

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