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Introduction to thin film and its application
Dec 07, 2016

Aluminum is the use of special techniques in plastic film coated with an extremely thin layer of aluminum to form a compound flexible packaging materials, one of the most commonly used method when the number of vacuum aluminum plating method, is through high temperature aluminum melt under high vacuum evaporation so that the vapor deposition of aluminum stacked the plastic film on the surface, so that the plastic surface with a metallic luster. Because it has characteristics of plastic and have metal characteristics, is a cheap appearance and excellent performance and practical packaging materials.
Currently most widely used aluminum film mainly polyester film (VMPET) and CPP film (VMCPP). Film surface plating aluminum of role is shading, and anti-UV irradiation, both extended has content real of shelf life, and improve has film of brightness, from must degree Shang instead of has foil, also has price low, and beautiful and the better of barrier performance, so, plating aluminum film in composite packaging in the of application is widely, currently main should for cookies, dry, and expanded food packaging and some medicine, and cosmetics of outside packaging Shang.