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New applications of aluminum, how much do you know?
Dec 07, 2016

China's electrolytic aluminum production capacity surplus, expanding aluminum applications, expanded aluminum consumption, in the field of transport "using aluminum instead of steel", building area "with aluminium wood", the power sector "aluminum brass" is one of the most effective ways to resolve the overcapacity. It is understood that the current focus areas include expanding aluminum applications: transportation, buildings, power sector. In addition, also included aluminum trays, aluminum flood, bridges of aluminum alloy, aluminum foil and the field of packaging and other products.

Transportation sector

Range: expand all aluminum trailer, aluminum-alloy hood coal truck, sedan high precision application of aluminum alloy plate.

Transport aluminum to reduce weight, increase the payload, extended service life, energy saving and emission reduction and to enhance industry economic efficiency and transport efficiency is very important.

Field of building structures

Range: extend the use of aluminium alloy profiles, aluminum enclosure

(1) to extend the use of aluminum alloy building templates

At present, China's aluminum template less than 1%, to construction of large construction enterprises standardization, industrialization and industrial demand rising, as well as improving public housing quality, promote the application of the aluminum template. In recent years, due to the rapid development of the real estate industry, China construction formwork industry scale of production loss per cent growth.

In domestic aluminum template usage continues to grow at the same time, domestic enterprises but also to Brazil, and India, and Venezuela and other countries as well as Hong Kong and Macao regions supplied templates and template of aluminum alloy aluminum, which would also boost domestic consumption of aluminum.

(2) extend the use of aluminium alloy enclosure plate

In the domestic civil construction, the major infrastructure projects, particularly projects of large span and complex shape, such as airport terminals, Convention Centers, gymnasiums, public buildings such as roof and wall has a wide range of aluminum alloy sheet. But in industrial buildings, steel slat support system about 70% per cent of total construction, aluminium is seldom used.

With the construction of agricultural infrastructure, such as affordable housing, renovate rural overall and strategic, public welfare projects in the field of demand growth, the demand for aluminum alloy enclosure panels will significantly improve.

Power sector

China's copper resources, large number of imports. Copper in the area of electric power consumption as a percentage of total consumption is over 40%, with aluminum resources has formed a strong industrial base in China, replace the inadequate protection of copper resources, to a certain extent reduce the dependence on foreign copper mineral resources, enhance the capacity of resources supporting.

(1) promote application of aluminum cable

In the field of cable, still dominated by copper cable, only about 2% of aluminum cable.

Wire and cable products, including power cables, electrical equipment, cables, winding lines, communication cables, bare overhead conductors, etc. Our bare overhead wire has been used aluminum and aluminum alloy electrical equipment cables of aluminum and its alloys with little; the development trend of communication cables is based on optical fiber for transmission conductors; winding wire has some small electronic transformer using aluminum as a conductor, but has little potential. Thus, aluminum wire and cable is the most potential for promotion in low-voltage power cables.

(2) promote application of copper-aluminum composite conductor

Copper Clad aluminium bimetallic copper conductor consists of an aluminum core and cladding layers, using current "skin effect", using aluminium instead of copper conductor middle part. By enlarging the cross-sectional area of the conductor to make up for the effects of conductivity, so as to achieve the same conductivity. Therefore, both excellent conductivity and corrosion resistance of copper well, as well as the advantages of low cost and light weight of aluminum, is a kind of high performance composite conductors.

In addition, China has developed steel (stainless steel), aluminum, titanium and aluminum composite, aluminum-aluminum composite plate, strip, foil, rows of wood products, are used in electrical, electronics, communications, thermal, construction and other industries.

Other products and areas

(1) compared with the level of foreign areas of high potential for the application of the traditional consumption

With the transformation of consumer attitudes, consumption levels increase, food and drug safety management upgrade, speed up the industrialization process of making aluminium lunch boxes, foils, aluminum trays, wine packaging, aluminum aerosol cans, aluminum storage tanks and market prospects.

(2) has significant social benefits need to be extended areas of application

Bridges of aluminum alloy, aluminum alloy a flood wall, though amount is small, but has an obvious social benefits.

Materials for steel bridge in China and other non-aluminum, aluminum bridge built less than 2 per cent per thousand. Aluminum bridge with its light weight, high strength, appearance, corrosion resistance, the advantages of recycling, green is getting more attention and recognition. Bridges not only can aluminum, aluminum road bridge is able to gradually increase the proportion, with high aluminum content in the flyover.

Aluminum alloy a flood wall with light weight, easy installation and so on. Aluminum flood wall 40 kilograms per meter, 1 km long, 2-meter-high flood wall about 400 tons of aluminum.

(3) the need to increase investment in science and technology of new products and application areas

Aluminum-air batteries, aluminum alloys used in seawater desalination, etc.

Aluminum-air batteries: aluminum-air battery with high energy density, in use for zero emission, pollution-free and easy to recycle, used as battery power battery, signal, has broad application prospects.

Aluminum alloys used in seawater desalination: current, surface treatment of aluminum tubes for seawater desalination technology monopoly in foreign countries, desalination unit tube "using aluminum in place of copper" practice has to be break-through tube coating of anti-corrosion technology, currently under development.