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Smooth corrugated aluminum surface defect of reason and eliminating method
Dec 07, 2016

Smooth corrugated aluminum surface defect of reason:
(A) the aluminum profile Extrusion die land length cavity size or design error velocity than a serious disorder.
(B) aluminum Extrusion die with impeding the flow of angles and corners.
(C) the aluminum profile Extrusion die and die work than drop variance.
(D) the aluminum profile Extrusion die and die not parallel to the Bell.
(E) resistance-aluminum extrusion cavity die on (sub) stream discharging or drainage grooves in the high block (size, depth, location) is wrong.
(Vi) aluminum Extrusion die with lateral air knife is too little or no (EDM didn't play well) or too large (without support, cracking and deformation).
(VII) new or repair of aluminum profile Extrusion die due to the coarse sand mould factory polished die with does not produce work with varying degrees of smooth.
(H) part of the aluminum extrusion works with oil on the track.
(IX) support pad is too small obstacles.
(J) the aluminum profile end 1M about the wave (V3 aluminium pressed).
(A) the design, manufacture of qualified aluminium profiles Extrusion die is the key, mould mold you want to put an end to human flaws.
(B) serious waves through repair, mold modification, returned to handle.
(C) new or repaired after mold began to squeeze with the wave, the first stick of low temperature slow squeeze, to pause several times to squeeze again, aimed at making the work tape metal filled, sometimes waves disappear.
(D) light waves through increased traction, increase the amount of stretch to deal with.
(E) a slight wave, offset cylinder and the surface Center, makes aluminum cylinder of aluminum into the mold cavity changes to affect the flow rate. This production when needed and feasible. (Not recommended)
(Vi) support pad is reasonable, the material smoothly.
(VII) end 1M wave adjustable thickness pressure and reduce speed. Or as stretch when Chuck to deal with.
(VIII) found in the aluminum production process for mold air knife is small or aluminum velocity causes abrasion, can work in small molds and put oil lubrication clean the pad side pad can be adjusted. (Note that the inspection of the friction surface)