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Aluminum Surface Treatment Wastewater Treatment Technology
Dec 07, 2016

1, sources and types of wastewater from aluminum profile surface treatment: Answer: aluminum profiles surface pretreatment of wastewater from oil and acid wash after water, alkali corrosion of alkaline wash water, acid, oxidized acidic acid wash water after washing with water, containing Ni2+, Sn2+, acid wash after coloring the water, electrophoretic coating by ion exchanging device of waste acid, waste alkali and a small amount of electrophoretic coating waste water. Waste-water mixture is acidic, containing Al3+, Ni2+, Sn2+, Sn4+, Na+, Cr3+ and other cation, as well as SO42-, f-, NO3-, Cl-, AlO2-, and Ac-and other anions, and acrylic resins and surfactants and other organic matter. Waste liquid degreasing neutralization of waste acid, waste oxidation of waste sulfuric acid and nitric acid, colouring of waste liquid and waste acrylic electrophoretic coating liquid, sealed with Ni2+, F-and other liquid waste produced. 2, ways to reduce waste water and waste: Answer: reduce wastewater and waste control control time and control loading approach to bath out of the volume reduction, by two-level three-stage counter-current rinse as much as possible, reduce the amount of water. Acid and skimmed washing water for washing of alkali corrosion, oxidation etching degreased and washed with washing water. Addition to reduced or avoid wastewater and waste slot liquid of emissions, line should design and using various recycling device, as acid corrosion recycling device, and alkali corrosion recycling device, and anode oxidation except Aluminum device, and coloring liquid RO recycling device, and electrophoresis coated paint RO recycling device, using these recycling device can will wastewater dosage and waste emissions volume down to maximum, while also maximum of reduced has production cost. 3, aluminum profile surface treatment method of wastewater treatment: Answer: aluminum profile surface treatment of wastewater, mostly acid-alkali wastewater, containing Ni2+, Sn2+, F-, small amounts of harmful ions, method is the acid-base neutralization. Waste water is acidic, alkali neutralization, adjust PH to around 7~8.5. In both the process and cationic Al3+, Ni2+, Sn2+, Cr3+ and other forms hydroxide precipitation. After in the and and precipitation of wastewater with pump scored condensed slot in the, while with quantitative pump scored dissolved good of polyamide gel flocculation agent and wastewater condensed, condensed Hou wastewater into precipitation slot, precipitation way has oblique Board precipitation method, and gas floating method, and centrifugal precipitation method,, author think also is centrifugal precipitation method using compared stable, by precipitation Hou, clear liquid from upper spill flow mouth overflow Hou into emissions pool or again processing reservoir. These treated waste water can be discharged, if you want to reuse, waste can be handled through coarse filter into the RO system, get rid of the excess ions, organic matter, water PH value may be low at this time, after reaching a cation-anion exchanger adjusted back to the standard. By precipitation of sludge discharged into the tank on a regular basis, pressed by plate pie machine or belt dryer for processing into industrial waste into the industrial waste treatment plant.