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Analysis Of Aluminum Alloy In Building Template, The Template Development
Dec 07, 2016

With the development of the national economy, China's aluminium industry continues to expand the scale of production and consumption, and its production and consumption has ranked first in the world for 10 years, more than half of its share has exceeded global. China is already the world's largest producer and consumer of aluminum. The aluminum industry is an important industry in China's national economy. At present, China's aluminum industry is in the adjustment of industrial structure and industrial distribution transfer, industrial patterns, industrial organization and reorganization of an important stage of development. In this series of changes at the same time, conflict and related problems of excess capacity come and growing, attracted attention from all sides. Negative voices about aluminum industry began to grow, industry image is affected. Therefore, in promoting resolve excess capacity at the same time, more power to gather industry, conveying a positive voice to promote and extend the use of aluminum, aluminum material on sustainable development into full play the positive role of full aluminum industry's unique contribution to the establishment of a resource-saving society.

In recent years, aluminum consumption in the field of architecture under the influence of the real estate industry, decline in demand, expanding aluminum applications, is the key to solve the excess capacity. In new towns, and the construction of ecological civilization and economic development under the background of the new normal, significant green aluminum formwork to the construction of energy saving in the application will be very promising. Most materials used in the construction in our country is now building more templates, as advocate of low-carbon and energy-saving in China more and more valued by society, people look to the metal aluminum template. Modulus of aluminum templates are defined as making design and processing of extruded profiles welded with support systems and connection-three-part system consisting of fully supporting the use of common parts. Combination whole overall appearance of different size model planes, Assembly, industrialized construction system template.