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Development Prospects Of Aluminum And Aluminum Alloy Plate
Dec 07, 2016

Aluminum plate it is a kind of aluminum, it is made of aluminum or aluminum alloy plate-type material, as we all know many material advantages, aluminum also has excellent features, Zhong Tian Peng Bo aluminium has good rust inhibiting properties, forming, welding, and its corrosion resistance and so on. Aluminum plate it has a wide range of uses, for home and Office lighting, building exterior, interior decoration: ceiling, wall, furniture, cabinets, such as elevators, signs, plates, bags, car ornament. indoor decorations, such as photo frames, household appliances: refrigerators, microwave ovens, stereo equipment, and so on. in aerospace and the military. Mechanical parts machining and mold manufacturing, and so on.

There is an anodized aluminum in aluminum veneer, this aluminum sheet is in aluminium surface natural growth out of a thick and dense alumina membrane, this layer of oxide film is not attached, the top coats. Oxide film transparent colorless, microcrystalline structure is hexagonal honeycomb, aluminum color highlighting the strong sense of metal can be used and uniform coloring gives beautiful color of curtain wall in porous, greatly widening the horizon. This strong stain resistance of anodized aluminum plate, it is also easy to clean, will not produce corrosion spots. No rust, you can dry in the Sun for a long time. There is the anodized aluminum sheet surface hardness, gem, good scratch resistance, surface without paint coverage, retain the aluminum sheet metal color, modern metal feel, improve product quality and added value. Because aluminum itself is easy to molding materials, aluminum, aluminum decorative, moderate hardness, can be molded easily bend, continuous high-speed stamping, facilitate direct processing into products, do not need to be complex, surface treatment, greatly shorten the production cycle and reduce the cost of production. This anodized aluminum plate is often suitable for anodizing aluminum ceiling, curtain wall plate, aluminium composite panels, fire Board, aluminum honeycomb panels, aluminium Panel, electrical panels, Cabinet panels, furniture panels, and so on. Aluminum plate and aluminum sheet installation quick and easy. Aluminum veneer easily tarnished, easy cleaning and maintenance. Makes it difficult for surface contaminants, but also has good self-cleaning.

Aluminum molding in a factory, construction site does not need trimming, can be fixed on the frame. The aluminum can recycling, environmentally-friendly. Zhong Tian Peng Bo aluminum also made a great contribution to green living. With the development of science and technology and the improvement of living standards, there are now more and more enterprises in the aluminium industry. Believe it's aluminum market development in the future will be better.