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Pretreatment Of Aluminum Foil Printing Paper
Dec 07, 2016

Pretreatment of aluminum foil printing paper
Foil paper is aluminum and paper of composite, dang job or using environment temperature humidity sharply changes makes its too late reached internal balance Shi, by within coating or Binder links of double structure will produced within stress, not only will led to expansion or contraction, and due to containing water rate changes, also will makes paper local size changes, formed curling, and wrinkle folding, and wave even permanent deformation, serious effect printing and Hou processing quality. Therefore, in order to assure the foil printing, it is necessary to control the printing shop of temperature and humidity and keep the plant temperature in (25+2) ℃, relative humidity maintained at 50%~60% c
Balance of temperature and humidity and its important before printing, temperature and humidity are not balanced will produce static electricity, causing feeding difficulty. The actual production, foil place 16h at least in the original packaging in the workshop to open cut white material, 8-12 hours after printing. In addition to the drying rack drying outside, printed during the processing period should be covered by plastic sheeting moisture or reduced expansion.