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Stock Aluminum Volume Packing Machine Using Two Common Problems In
Dec 07, 2016

Aluminum coil wound packing machine, as its name implies, is material up through winding machine. Packing machine types is very large, such as stretch film wrapping machines, spiral arms winding machine, ring wrapping machines, horizontal wrapping machine.

Coil winding machine is commonly used in the packaging industry packaging machinery, used if improper operation, packaging machines and sometimes there will be some conditions, we get the following frequently asked questions and the corresponding solutions.

A shrinking machine, aluminum coil wound packing machine heating slowly or fail to rise to a higher temperature.

Causes and corresponding solutions: packing the heater is in the main power cord of the machine through a magnetic switch to electric heating tube, so you should test the magnetic switch contacts are normal. lines did not pass one of the phase, it will appear above. Magnetic switch such as normal, then checks the meter to see the phase and the ohmic value of the machine are the same. If normal fault. If the phases are connected but the line or electric heating tubes are still the exception, you will need to replace the heater.

Second, offset equipment in the easy working film material and not feeding properly.

In winding packaging machine in the run in the if encountered film material offset of status, by adjustment film volume location and tension balance Rod are no effect of situation Xia, can through adjustment Shang triangle Board of angle to solution. winding packaging machine of upper film material deviated from Clip material chain, can put Shang triangle Board to shun clockwise direction adjustment; if is lower film material deviated from Clip material chain, is to will Shang triangle Board to counterclockwise direction adjustment.

Packing machinery products in China needs to improve productivity, development is not fully on the support, a lower degree of automation. Exactly, packaging automation winding machine is an inevitable trend, but currently the market is not saturated, especially winding machine packaging automation products for the high-end market. Winding machine packaging before there are many domestic manufacturers, but in the customer's impression, they belong to a lower-end market.