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Surface Treatment Of Aluminum, Anodized Why ’much Luck‘?
Dec 07, 2016

We all know that aluminum is widely used in industry and in life, and surface treatment of aluminum is a wide range, usually with Anodic oxide process, chemical conversion coating, micro-arc oxidation treatment, plating, electroless plating process or organic coating (powder coating or painting), and so on. And is the most widely applied technology is anodized, so why anodized "much luck"?

Anodizing of aluminium and its alloy technology has been widely used in the industry, can be used to prevent corrosion of the products or achieve the dual purpose of protective-decorative, such as wear resistance, electrical insulation, spray bottom and bottom plating.

1. the prevention of corrosion of aluminum products

Due to Anodic oxidation of the film itself has enough stability in the atmosphere, so it can be used as a protective layer of oxide film on the surface of aluminum. Aluminum anodizing in chromic acid solution obtained by oxidation film, good corrosion resistance from are the pores of the oxide film in sulfuric acid solutions over the former, but the film layer is thick and strong adsorption capacity, closed treatment if properly filled, its corrosion resistance is also very good. Was particularly pointed out that, chromic acid anodizing method is particularly suitable for riveting and welding of anodized.

2. protective-decorative products

For most requirements for surface finishing of aluminum and its alloy products, through chemical or electrochemical polishing, Anodic oxidation with sulfuric acid solution can be more transparent oxide film. This oxide film can adsorb a variety of organic and inorganic dyes, which has a variety of bright colors. This color film is both a corrosion protection layer and decorative layer. In some special conditions, can also be obtained with similar protective and decorative ceramic oxide film.

3. as a hard wear-resistant layer

Hard Anodic oxidation of aluminum and aluminum alloys, can be obtained on the surface of Al2O3 layer thick and hard. This film not only has high hardness and thickness, but also have low roughness. In a solution of sulfuric acid or oxalic acid, can also be obtained by Anodic oxidation of aluminum products of hard and thick oxide film.

Thick porous oxide film can reserve oil, so that it can be effectively used in friction status of aluminum products, such as automobile and tractor's engine cylinder, piston after Anodic oxidation, can greatly improve the wear resistance.

4. as an electrical insulation

Aluminium and aluminium alloy, anodized oxide film obtained after has a great resistance, which increase the electrical insulation products have a certain role, can be prepared with Anodic oxide capacitor Dielectric layers, surface preparation of aluminum can also be used for the insulating layer.

5. paint the bottom

Because of porous Anodic oxide film and good adsorption capacity, it can be used as a paint and other organic membrane underlying, paints and organic membranes with products firmly together, and thereby increase its corrosion resistance.

6. as the bottom plating

Aluminium and aluminium alloy before electroplating is required on their bottom, and plating. Matrix applied to the surface of the bottom of a lot of ways, outside in addition to zinc, zinc plating, electroless nickel plating, anodizing is also one of the most important methods.

I believe that through the 6 points above everyone should understand the reason for Anodic oxidation process can be used, anodized outside in addition to the widely used in industry, in the field of science and technology is also "much luck." Many innovative electronic devices applied to the anode oxidation. Believe in the future, aluminium alloy anodizing process will use more of the field.