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Surface Treatment Of Aluminum Foil Printing
Dec 07, 2016

Surface treatment of aluminum foil printing
Aluminum foil placed in the air, the surface will immediately generate a very thin layer of compacted oxide layer, if the oxide layer is not dirty, inks have excellent adhesion. But foil influenced by the actual production and environmental contamination such as dust, forming a very thin film of ink adhesion. Therefore printing foil printed Eclipse wash before coating, to eliminate lubricant stain, enhanced ink adhesion between the foil surface.
Eclipse wash coating of aluminum foil paper, also known as the underlying surface, using shellac coating or nitrocellulose coatings on aluminum foil backing paper surface coating. After coating, substrate surfaces are aluminum foil instead of coating materials. The coating material has good affinity with the ink, so as to improve the adhesion of the ink on the foil surface.