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Through Temperature Increase Extruded Aluminium Profiles Production
Dec 07, 2016

In General, if there are no unscheduled downtime, the maximum yield depends on the speed, while the latter is subject to four factors, three of them fixed while the other is variable. First a factors is extrusion machine of extrusion force, squeeze pressure big of can in ingots billet temperature lower Shi smooth to extrusion; second a factors is mold design, extrusion Shi metal and die wall of friction usually can makes through of aluminum of temperature rose 35~62℃; third a factors is was extrusion alloy of characteristics, is limit extrusion speed of not control of factors, profile of export temperature General not over 540 ℃, or, material surface will declined, die marks obviously aggravated, even appeared stick aluminum, and concave printing, and micro-crack, and tear,. The last factor is the degree of temperature and its control.

If the extrusion pressure for aluminum extrusion press is not large enough, find it hard to be squeezed or even die while the crowd doesn't move, you can raise the billet temperature, speed should be low, in case of material exit temperature is too high. Each alloy has its specific optimum extrusion (billet) temperature. Production proved that billet temperature is kept at about 430 c (speed ≥ 16mm/s). 6063 aluminium alloy profile of die temperature shall not exceed 500 ° c, 6005 alloy maximum outlet temperature is 512, 6061 alloy best no more than 525 c. Mold temperature does not change that will affect product yield and quality.

Extrusion temperature is also important, in particular, pay attention to the temperature of the preheating phase, you should avoid excessive thermal stress between the layers, it is best to make the extrusion barrel and bushing while up to operating temperature. Preheat the heating rate cannot be greater than 38 ° c/h. The best warm-up specification is: up to 235 degrees Celsius, insulation 8h, continue to heat up to 430 degrees, thermal 4H, didn't work. This will not only ensure the uniform temperature, and have enough time to eliminate all internal thermal stress. Of course in the preheating furnace container is the best way.

In the extrusion process, extrusion temperature should be lower than the billet temperature 15~40℃. If the speed is too fast, resulting in extrusion temperature rises higher than the billet temperature, try to make the extrusion temperature drop, this is not only an inconvenience, but yields will decline. During the process of rate, sometimes under the control of electric heating element will be cut, but squeeze tube temperature is still rising. Temperature above 470 ° c If the container, squeeze waste will increase. Depending on the alloy temperature determine the ideal container.

Don't think warming container is a waste of time and energy. A factory production tasks, using internal heating resistance elements on the one hand, on the other hand, liquefied gas burner heating. In this case, temperature measure and control, will have a huge thermal stress, lined with high temperature, expanding faster than coat, open that container, and the "cracking" sound.

Extrusion axis in the work process will save stress, this stress to a certain degree produce fatigue crack, once non-axial radial force acts to be broken. Therefore, after accumulating working time of the extrusion axis 4500h, it is best to conduct a stress relieving treatment, 430~480℃ insulation 12h, then furnace cool to 50 deg. It is regrettable that, few factories in China do the processing.

When producing high quality building material on the surface, squeeze pad temperature should also be strictly controlled in order to reduce the amount of tonal inconsistencies of waste on the surface. Quality of fixed dummy block is much better than activity can accumulate more heat, thus lowering the ingot head temperature can reduce the impurities in the material, help increase production. United States kasitu Corporation (Castool) using compressed air cooled compression pads with the extrusion axis, so that its temperature drops to 50 degrees Celsius.

Mold temperature to achieve high productivity played an important role in General shall not be less than 430 c; the other, nor too high, otherwise, not only losing its hardness may, also lead to generation of oxidized, mainly in the work. During the process of die heating should be avoided between the die next to the impeding air circulation. Best use of box-type heating furnace with grid, each mold is placed in a separate box.

Billet temperature in the extrusion process up to 40 ℃ or higher, increasing amount depends on the design. In order to obtain the maximum output, the temperature must not be ignored, each temperature shall be recorded and kept under strict control, to identify the maximum yield and the relationship between the temperature of the machine.

Finally, aluminum extrusion plant employees should keep in mind: precision temperature control, are essential to increase production.